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Bank accounts, customer information, your company’s reputation. These are more at risk than ever in today’s digital world. OneDegree provides protection against ever-changing cyber threats, so that your business can bounce back quickly from any incident.

Strengthen Cyber Defense with OneDegree

Insurance plays an important part of a company’s cyber defense strategy, but many plans on the market do not suit the budget or needs of a small to mid-sized firm.

OneDegree Cyber Insurance fills this gap with flexible coverage and affordable premiums.

Accessible for SMEs

Affordable premiums, starting from HKD 6,830 a year

Quick and Simple Application

Fill out a 1-page form and get protection the same day

Flexible coverage to suit your needs

Annual Policy Limit ranging from USD 250,000 to USD 1,000,000

How can Cyber Incidents Impact Your Company?

Consider the scenarios below and how Onedegree can help:

Incidents A:


An employee at Company A unknowingly opened an attachment, introducing a ransomware to the company's internal system. The hackers demanded a payment in Bitcoin of USD20,000. Unfortunately, personal data of some important customers are stolen and some suppliers of Company A are also infected by the ransomware.


We Cover

Your actual loss

Data forensic expenses

USD 8,000

USD 7,250

USD 750

Data restore service costs

USD 8,000

USD 7,250

USD 750

Compensating affected customers and suppliers

USD 25,000

USD 24,250

USD 750

USD 41,000

USD 38,750

USD 2,250


OneDegree covered USD 38,750 for you and your actual loss is USD 2,250.

Incidents B:

Malware Attack

Company B experienced a Malware infection on their computers. All servers are required to be restored and the business was partially interrupted for a period of 1.5 days.


We Cover

Your actual loss

Business interruption costs

USD 27,000

USD 26,250

USD 750

Public relations expenses

USD 100,000

USD 99,250

USD 750


USD 127,000

USD 125,500

USD 1,500

OneDegree covered USD 125,500 for you and your actual loss is USD 1,500.


1. USD 750 Policy excess for each and every claim (applicable to each and every insuring clauses).

2. The scenario sharings are for your reference only. The actual cost covered will be determined on a case by case basis in accordance with the terms and conditions and exclusions set out in the policy document.

3. The scenario sharings are based on the Standard Plan with USD 250,000 maximum policy coverage.

Our Plans & Prices

Select your company’s annual revenue and policy limit


HKD 6,830 /yr


HKD 10,245 /yr

Data restore service costs

Data Forensic Expenses

Breach Consultation Costs

Costs to Restore

Breach Response

Public Relations

Business Interruption

Business Interruption

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

Regulator Liability

Investigation Liability

Consumer Redress Fund


$ 70,000

$ 70,000

First Party Liability

Network Extortion

Hacker Theft Cover

$ 35,000

Loss Adjustor Costs

$ 50,000

Automatic Extensions

Personal Reputation Cover

Emergency Costs

Loss Mitigation Costs

$ 35,000


HKD 6,830 /yr


HKD 10,245 /yr

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What We Don’t Cover?

Hong Kong-based companies with annual revenue not exceeding USD 10 millions are eligible to apply. We currently don’t cover firms with operations in USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe, nor do we accept bussinesses operating in sectors including social networking sites, online trading platforms, e-Commerce platforms, and digital currency exchanges.

More OneDegree Cyber Services

Insurance can help your company get back on track, but your firm should also have other measures in place to prevent incidents from happening.

OneDegree offers an all-in-one bundle of our cyber services for comprehensive protection. We’re also happy to tailor a package for your business. Contact us if you’re interested to find out more.

Services including:

・Cyber Risk Scoring

・Cyber Domain / Web Scanning

・Cyber Network Monitoring

・Email Phishing


Q1.What to do if you identify or if you suspect a cyber security breach in your company?

Should a suspected or an actual breach occur, you should (1) refer to your company's internal guidelines and processes; and (2) identify who are the authorized persions in your company to decide on whether the incident will be reported to OneDegree's Cyber Breach Response Team.

Q2.How to inform OneDegree and what we can help you?

To understand the situation better, we require the below information from you:

(1) Nature and cause of the incident;

(2) Possible consequences or risks that could result from the incident;

(3) Mitigation measures that have already been done; and

(4) Contact details of the individuals involved in the counter-measures.

You can contact us via a written notification by email or a 24/7 incident report number and we can be reached at any time of the day.

Expect a call back within 12 hours from us. Our qualified team of cyber security experts will provide you with step-by-step guidance and advice to resolve the incident.

Q3.Dos and Dont's

Dos: (1) Ensure the availability of the relevant staff members who are involved in the handling of the incident; and (2) activate any existing Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and keep the relevant stakeholders informed on the latest status of the incident.

Dont's: Please contact OneDegree immediately if you identify a cyber security breach in your company. Please do not attempt resolving the incident solely with in-house IT experts or third party experts as proper collection and preservation of evidence should be considered in the steps that you take if any third party liability is expected to be exposed to.